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Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 09:29pm
  • Lastolite Strobo Gobo

    Product Code: 06.102625
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    • Create differrent background effects without moving location
    • A range of Gobo masks are available
    • Can be used in conjunction with Strobo gels
    • Also take standard size B Gobos (86mm)
    • Supplied with storage pouch


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The Strobo Gobo kit allows you to create stunning lighting and background effects using your battery operated flash guns without the need to keep moving locations. The Gobo works with the Ezybox Hotshoe Strobo Bracket and Direct to Flashgun Strobo Bracket. Simply attach the Gobo to your existing bracket and slide in your chosen Gobo mask.

The kit comes with two Gobo masks as standard; an arched window and a dappled foliage effect. A range of alternative Gobo masks are available separately. The Gobo holder also takes traditional size B Gobos (86mm). There is even an option to create a slightly ‘out of focus’ effect.

To use with your existing Ezybox Hotshoe Bracket, you will need the additional Strobo Ezybox Hotshoe Plate 2611 which fits directly onto the bracket, allowing you to then attached the Strobo Gobo.