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Monday, December 18th, 2017 at 04:44am
  • EPSON JAPANESSE KOZO ROLL 70gsm 432mm x10m
  • Epson Signature Worthy Kozo Paper

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    • Epson Signature Worthy Kozo Roll 70gsm 432mm x 10m
    • Epson Signature Worthy Kozo Roll 70gsm 610mm x 10m


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This translucent, natural fibre, mulberry-based inkjet media is strong and durable and the combination of the coating and the ink allows you to achieve high colour density. At 70gsm, Japanese Kozo Paper Thin is perfect for high-end photography, fine art display and interior design. The Kozo paper is made from a type of mulberry used in Asia and Japan for traditional papers. Despite its lightweight and fine texture, this new category of premium paper is very strong because of the Kozo fibres, enabling the creation of durable and long-lasting fine art. While it is translucent, it provides artists with deep colour saturation, ensuring that their work looks impressive. 

This premium paper has a smooth texture and is durable because it is humidity resistant. It is also part of our Signature Worthy selection of celebrity-endorsed products, proven to be reliable. 

Ideal for fine art, the Japanese Kozo Paper Thin allows a diverse range of outputs to be produced, from Japanese screens, to room dividers or even paper windows. It can be used in the same way as Kakemono, which is a Japanese scroll paper ideal for calligraphy, that is mounted on the wall. It is also suitable for drum-tight finishing on wooden frames. This flexibility allows artists to unleash their creativity using a medium inspired by Japanese tradition.