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Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 12:04pm


 Learn from the Rocco Ancora on

Adobe Post Processing Techniques using a Wacom

 Melbourne • Prahran • 25th July 2017 • 6.30pm

Adobe Photoshop has become an essential tool for putting the finishing touches on beautiful photographs, but not every photographer has the skill, patience, or time to master these post-production tools. Photographers at all levels will have an opportunity to sharpen their post-production skills by attending this presentation dedicated exclusively to teaching the latest techniques, shortcuts, and new features available in Photoshop and Lightroom. Not only will you learn the latest Adobe features but you will also be taught how to increase your speed and productivity by doing all this with the help of a Wacom tablet.This presentation is aimed at two types of people: People who are considering the purchase of a Wacom Tablet and want to make sure it's a good fit for them; and people who own a Wacom Tablet but feel like they aren't taking full advantage of it. In this course you will learn the advantages of using a Tablet, tips for getting comfortable with the Tablet, how to customize your settings for the Pen, Express Keys and how to use your Tablet with Photoshop and Lightroom to be more accurate and save time.

Join Rocco Ancora as he explores a world of new possibilities and digital imaging practices. Rocco will demonstrate how to prepare high-quality images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and how to establish an efficient editing workflow using Wacom products to help improve techniques, speed and quality in the final edit.


Wacom and Adobe Melbourne Event

Date: Tuesday 25th July 2017
Location: Melb Polytechnic (Prahran), Room ME206, 144 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181
Time: Start 6.30pm and Finish is approximately 9.00pm
Price: $49.00 + $1 Eventzilla Booking Fee
Parking: Limited street parking or paid parking at car park on Izett Street
Public Transport: Closest train station is Prahran or tram to corner of High Street and Chapel Street

Examples of Presentation Topics:

ImageLearn techniques to suit all types of photographers, editors and fine artists

Photoshop can be both a blessing and a curse. Undoubtedly, for many of us, it is a necessity to create the kind of images we desire. Like every piece of software, however, there are things that make our life easier and things that drive us insane. Join Peter Eastway while he demonstrates how he transforms images into art using his Wacom tablet.


How to supercharge the Adobe brush engine with Wacom pressure sensitivityImage

The Adobe Brush Engine in Photoshop can be an amazing tool. When you connect a Wacom pen tablet or creative pen display to your computer, Photoshop recognizes your use of the tablet and gives you access to a number of capabilities that were not available to you before. One of the most significant benefits is the recognition of pressure sensitivity in the Wacom pen. All tools that leverage the Brush Engine can take advantage of pressure sensitivity.

Learn popular effects using Adobe PhotoshopImage

Few of the popular effects created by designers with the use of Photoshop are inverted effects, graffiti effects, light effects, fire effects and so on. Fire effects are one of the most popular ones. You might have notice while surfing through Facebook, Flickr or Pinterest many fire effects used images. You stay spell bound with the perfect touch made with fire effects. This is done with mastery over Photoshop tools. Learning Photoshop can be at times tricky, but with help this becomes simple and easy.

Wacom pen tablet benefits in PhotoshopImage

Wacom's pressure-sensitive pens are recognized in the two dozen or more tools and brushes in Photoshop. From the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush, to Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers, you can dynamically adjust colour temperature, exposure, tone, contrast, and most other features, all by how lightly or firmly you press your pen to the tablet. Your creative edits and enhancements will look more natural and organic using a pressure-sensitive Wacom pen.

Wacom brings out the best in Photoshop's multi-touch InterfaceImage

Recently, Adobe introduced multi-touch support in Photoshop, similar to what we already enjoy in Adobe® Illustrator®. Multi-touch gestures speed up your workflow by enabling you to get to the details that you wish to edit faster and make the necessary changes more intuitively. With integrated multi-touch capabilities, Wacom's Intuos Pro and Cintiq line enable you to pinch, zoom, and rotate with ease, while brushing on enhancements with the Wacom pen.

Come into our Sydney and Melbourne showroom's for a Try Before You BuyImage

Both our showrooms have experienced staff who can demonstrate the features of the new Wacom Intuos Tablets, Cintiq Pro and MobileStudio Pro. No need for an appointment just come in bring some files and have a play with the complete range of Wacom products.



Sydney Presenter: 

Rocco Ancora

Named as one of the Top Ten Photographers in the world by the iconic photography magazine American Photo, Rocco’s poetic imagery continues to evolve with his mastery of light and the ability to capture the human connection. Rocco’s distinctive style is classical and romantic, his imagery is exquisitely imbued with evocative lighting and composition it’s a look and feeling that Rocco strives for.

Rocco has been awarded the prestigious accolade, The Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s Wedding Photographer of the year an unprecedented four times in a six-year span, which is a testimony of the highest regard in which his peers hold Rocco’s craftsmanship. His work is celebrated both locally and internationally with many major awards to his name. As a multiple Grand Award winner at WPPI as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements, these achievements are a true reflection of his commitment to creativity for his clients.

Rocco is a trussed spokesperson and ambassador for Nikon Australia, Canson and x-rite. As a passionate educator, he is now a sought after speaker by photographic organizations & institutes. Presenting a dynamic workshops and seminars all over the world as well as recently launching the exclusive artistic edit and boutique printing service Capture to Print. www.roccoancora.com/biography

DATE: Tuesday 25th July 2017

LOCATION: Melb Polytechnic (Prahran), Room ME206, 144 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181

TIME: Start 6.30pm and Finish is approximately 9.00pm

PRICE: $49.00 plus $1 Eventzilla booking fee