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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 at 06:29am

Guidelines for Traveling with Lithium-ion Batteries

Storage Mode

As of April 1st all Li-Ion battery pack must be at or below 30% charge to comply with new air safety regulation. Switronix has instituted the following changes to our battery products to comply with safe air shipping procedures.

All Hypercore LCD battery packs are now shipped in “Storage Mode.” Storage mode reduces the chance of the battery being delivered in a fully depleted state of charge(which can reduce service life).

When you receive the battery pack you will find a removable film over the Hypercore’s LCD screen. The film states charge the battery full to awaken the pack. Alternatively, the LCD backlight button can be held 10seconds to awaken the battery pack. In the same sense, the battery pack can be put back into storage mode by holding the LCD backlight button for 10 seconds. This is a valuable feature for customers who then have to travel or ship their production gear via Air. 


  • Hypercore98S
  • HC8S
  • Hypercore98AG
  • HC8AG
  • Hypercore98R
  • HC8R
  • Hypercore150S
  • Hypercore150AG
  • HypercorePrimeS
  • HypercorePrimeAG

All non-LCD Hypercore packs(i.e. HC7 series) and XPL battery packs have the same storage mode feature but the feature is disengaged/engaged by holding the LED button on the side of the battery pack for 15seconds.

When the battery pack is delivered to your client they will find a band across the battery pack stating this information.


  • HC7S
  • HC7AG
  • HC7R
  • XPL90S
  • XPL90A

All non-brick battery offerings(NP, DV battery packs) have an automatic “Storage Mode” which will awake the battery when on charge. 

Luggage Guidelines Qantas/Jetstar/Virgin Australia

How to package spare batteries:

  • Pack each battery individually
  • Separate devices from their batteries whenever possible
  • There should be cushioning material between spare batteries to prevent them from damaging each other.      
  • Packaging material should be non-conductive, and should either consist of the original retail packaging, a plastic bag, a battery case, or placing tape on the battery terminals
Battery Model Total Lithium (g)
Hypercore-98S 7.92
Hypercore-98AG 7.92
Hypercore-150S 10.56
Hypercore-150AG 10.56
XP-L90S 7.92
XP-L90A 7.92
XP-L95RED 7.92
XP-L150S 10.56
XP-L150A 10.56
HC-7S 6.6
HC-7AG 6.6
HC-7R 6.6
PowerBase 5.88